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​Corinne Vallière, sculptor

Corinne Vallière was born in Asnières (France) in 1959 .  She spent her childhood  near Strasbourg in Alsace.  After her Litterature and Art degrees she attended the Nationale School of Applied and Crafts Arts in Paris, where from 1977 to 1981 she followed a general art course specialising in Ceramics (BTS and DSENAAMA), completing her training at the Industrial and craft workshops. In 1986 Corinne moved to the Hautes Alpes, became a freelance artist, opening her studio «  The man and the bird » where she built her own kilns.

She began working in bronze, exploring techniques involving blackening with smoke and firing using wood as combustion.

Her work as a sculptor seeks a balance between human and animal forms, symbolising their duality, her intuition being the guiding force behind her expression.  Although following her own inspiration her work is nonetheless narrative and her representations are close to a universal interpretation of nature.  The archtype of a bird was her first visual representation.

Ever creative, constantly drawing as a child striving to create a viable world, possessing a fertile imagination nourished by her travels, Corinne later became  fascinated by the dimensions of space and light.  Experimenting  with associations flesh-clay, earth-mother, she pursues her own path exploring her medium, drawing on heritage and life. 

Corinne Vallière exhibits in France. 
She is a permanent artist of the gallery G'M

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017