G'M Gallery - French Contemporary Art Gallery located in Veynes in the South of the Alps bordering on Provence

​LIONEL SALIOU, engraver, painter

Lionel Saliou was born at mid-day one August.  After studies in communication, economics and management he does not join the world of business.  Collar and tie are not for him and he prefers the world of  children his own age.  He becomes a social worker for more than ten years.

Concurrently, he joins an art course at the School of Plastic Arts in Garges-les-Gonesses, specialising in drawing and etching. 

Children's sponteneity and their imaginary world are his source of inspiration.  His approach never varies :  he plays nursery rhymes and.......

On occasions Lionel grows up,when he works on adult themes, without ever conceptualising them.
The feminine figure is a frequent subject, central to his work, curves and roundness ever present. Nature and bird are also his favorite themes.

Lionel Saliou exhibits in France, he is a permanent artist of the gallery G'M

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017