G'M Gallery - French Contemporary Art Gallery located in Veynes in the South of the Alps bordering on Provence

​Nadine Debay, sculptor

Nadine Debay, born 20th August 1963 began her work as a sculptor at the age of 27. Her quest for 
impressions and contrastes has made her an ardent traveller and lover of nature.  She divides her time between Paris, Ariège and Burkina Faso. Nadine likes to challenge her own destiny just as she challenges the materials she sculpts, venturing towards the mysteries of life and mankind . Her wish is to to instill  a world of love and hope into her creations.  

« Each of my sculptures is a journey into the unknown.  Never knowing where I will end up, I deliberately get lost in an irrational process.  Forgetting the past , ignoring the future, only the present exists, and I allow my medium to guide me towards new shapes which come to life.  Then, the vast universe called 'Liberty' is open to me.

Whatever happens after that can only be called alchimy. My sculptures made of bronze, an alloy of  copper, zinc and pewter, are the result of a transformation of elements by fire, opening the door to eternity.  Perhaps a way of smiling at death,touching infinity.  But what is important is the present,  the movement of life, the will to speak, hear, create, love and to forget, the will to be ourselves,    able to promote Peace,  the only path to freedom.

I pursue a search for harmony at my own level, trying to reorganise chaos with my enigmatic,  peaceful silhouettes,  messengers from another world, symbols of love and serenity

We all  possess a unique way of expressing ourselves which needs discovering, so as to free our imagination.  Then we can be part of  a gradual process leading to a better world »

Nadine Debay ehibits in France and in Netherland. She participated in many exhibitions and Contemporary art Fairs.  She is a permanent artist of the gallery G'M. 

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017