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Elisabeth Brainos, sculptor

Elisabeth Brainos, sculptor, painter, and photographer was born in Columbia, the daughter of a Greek mother and a Russian father.  he has lived in France since her childhood.

 During her literature studies in Aix-en-Provence she often visits artists' studios on the French Riviera and after a master's degree in classics and theatrical experience, she dedicates herself to painting and sculpture.

 Inspired by the Russian neo-primitiveness close to Chagall and by ancient Greece, Elisabeth Brainos leads us to an imaginary universe where dream and reality merge into a magical alchemy.

 Her statues made of bronze and precious stones take on the air of timeless women whom the artist              works on to make them come alive to us.

« These women are the elected representatives and the agents of a secret which they did or did not decipher, but which they hold at arm's length, as a treasure.  They are going to transmit it.  Confident, serene, trans-pierced by light, they walk or dance, and immortalize this very old dream of humanity, the beautiful, crazy dream about reconciliation and universal unity. »

 Each piece is unique, the bronze takes the shape of the stone and gives to the sculpture all its presence by playing with transparencies and color.


Exhibitions : New York (USA), Art Fair london (Great Britain) , Athènes, Museum of Mytilène Greece, Geneve, Zurich (Switzerland), Cuneo, Albissola (Italy), Madrid (Spain) , Japan (Kobe), Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Antibes, St Paul de Vence, Museum of Biot, Museum of Menton, Lyon, Paris, Limoges (France).

Represented at the « Galerie G'M ».


Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017