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François FOUCRAS, painter

François FOUCRAS, works - photography gallery
François FOUCRAS, works - photography gallery

Since his earliest childhood François Foucras was attracted by painting and drawing but it's in adulthood that he had a real appeal when he was in the pacific islands, in Hawaii, where he stayed in 1987. The tropical light and the scathing contrast of colors of this Eden marked with a definitive imprint his quest of the lost paradise.


François Foucras is a professional artist since more than 25 years.

His pictorial approach is based on the research of a certain aesthetics in the representation of the beauty of creation and he passes from the figurative painting to the semi abstraction while remaining in continuity.

The color report is an essential element of his work and the texture so characteristic of his painting. He makes vibrate the canvas by the wealth of worked material.

The subjects of his inspiration are above all a pretext in the search of audacious compositions where the light can gush as if it got out of a jewel box. Feminine grace, fruit, rural and urban landscapes,  biblical themes and characters in motion are subjects that fascinate him and allow him to give spiritual value to his painting.


François Foucras exhibited in USA, in France (in the eastsouth) Avignon, Valence, Grenoble, Annecy, Gap, in the côte d'Azur.

He is a permanent artist of the galerie G'M

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017