G'M Gallery - French Contemporary Art Gallery located in Veynes in the South of the Alps bordering on Provence

Marek Tylek, Painter

Marek Tylek, Polish painter was born in 1954 in Cracow. At the age of 20, he becomes qualified of The Cracow School of Fine Arts. 

Recognized as professional artist, he works for the embassy of Poland during 4 years. His paintings decorate the Polish embassies in many towns of the world : Paris, Washington, Moscow... He prepares students for their entrance exam to the School of Fine Arts in Poland and in France. 

Arrived in France in 1989, he settles down in Marseille. Since 2006, he shares his life between Marseille and Gap (Hautes-Alpes). He likes particularly this part of France for its mountains which remind him his native Poland. 

Painting at first landscapes in acrylic with a technique of fine layers of color which give a relief approaching a 3D effect, he returns to the oil painting to realize portraits and nudes. He treats his subject with a very assured and sharp touch as Lucian Freud, with always this 3D effect which characterizes him.

The subjects he prefers are beautiful buildings,  landscapes (sea and mountain),  figures and nudes.

He is a permanent artist of the gallery G'M

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017