G'M Gallery - French Contemporary Art Gallery located in Veynes in the South of the Alps bordering on Provence

Rémi Dominiak, sculptor

Rémi DOMINIAK came from a German-Polish family settled in Lorraine where he was  born in 1955. 

His career led him in 1977 in Provence where he learned about the wood carving and the stone of Lubéron. It's in 1997, by chance during a walk along the river Durance, that Rémi touched by the past of these pebbles decided to go to their conquest. 

But how to master their hardness, to reveal their form, to take possession of these rebellious? A real hand-to-hand fight and a patient dialogue make a commitment between the man and the stone. The polishing will free the colors and reveal us all the intimacy of the pebble. Once its soul stripped bare, the pebble will find a new life.

He exhibits in France and Germany, he i a permanent artist of the gallery G'M.

Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017