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Sid', painter, sculptor

Sid' Ali HAMS is a self-taught artist. 

In 1980, he makes his first show with sixty works, then he explores several techniques and supports and becoming poster designer, sculptor, ceramist , decorator, illustrator, as well as performeur and installer in the street. 


Influenced by the naive art and the singular art, it is only in 1989 that he discovers the work of the group CoBrA. It was the major meeting which will give in 1991 a series of 70 oil paintings on the theme of "predation" which will be exhibited at the « galerie Athur ».


Sid ' is an artist from the outside, an urban one doubled of an itinerant one which draws his inspiration from the naive art. It is on this state of mind that he approaches the Parisian walls of short-lived mural paintings, which will give afterward uncountable portraits of " Zohra la magnique ".  In 1997, thanks to these  Short-lived posters he meets Eric Landau of the « galerie W » in Paris where he will be a permanent artist until 2005. One of its "short-lived" works is in the archives of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris). 


In 2000, he is invited as artist to work on a documentary, for which he will be the main thread " La danse des guerriers  ", realized by the scriptwriter from Quebec Marie Brodeur, turned in Montreal. In this documentary, Sid ' realizes several live paintings among which the biggest measured 16.50 x 1.50 meters. This documentary will win the special prize of the UNESCO in Paris. In the same year, he  creates the decoration of a play " The night of the butterflies " of Catherine Lévy.  


Since his beginnings, Sid ' regularly worked on newspaper (Liberation, Financial Times) which he considers as a social imprint.

In 2014, he realizes a book " Sous les jupons du ciel " with 27 texts and 27 paintings.

He is permanently represented by the galerie G'M.


Affiche expo collective été 2017

Affiche expo collective été 2017